Certified Accounting Specialist (CAS) – in English.

Professional certificate program for specialists and managers in accounting, controlling as well as auditing and consulting – new in a blended learning format.

IFRS accounting standards now dominate all areas of finance and accounting in many companies. They have a direct impact on the daily work of decision-makers and employees in accounting. Controlling is also strongly influenced by them. Thus, it is also necessary for controllers to deal more intensively with accounting issues and to incorporate the results of financial accounting into the internal reporting and controlling processes. As part of the Certified Accounting Specialist (CAS) course, you will acquire comprehensive knowledge of financial accounting according to IFRS and be able to compare this with the differing regulations according to the German Commercial Code (HGB).

Structure in a blended learning format

At the beginning of the certificate program, you will receive all ten preparatory papers in electronic form and a recommendation for your self-study phase. In the preparatory papers, central regulations of the relevant IFRS standards are comprehensively presented in a topic-related manner and any significant differences to German Commercial Code (HGB) and income tax regulations are explained. To ensure that knowledge is also conveyed in a practice-oriented manner, best practice cases from published annual reports are included in each preparatory paper. To reinforce and consolidate what has been learned, repetition exercises and short case studies are integrated into each preparatory paper. The solutions are included in the following preparatory paper. The average time required to complete one preparatory paper is approximately six to eight hours; we recommend that you complete one preparatory paper per week. The intensive work with the preparatory papers is a prerequisite for ensuring that the participants have approximately the same level of knowledge at the beginning of the CAS workshop week.

Objective and benefit

Through self-study of the ten preparatory papers, you can largely determine your own learning pace. However, we recommend that you work on one preparatory paper per week, so the start should be at least eleven weeks before the CAS workshop week. During this phase, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to the team of instructors. During the workshop week, the acquired knowledge is supplemented and deepened with further practical cases and case studies.


Contents of the ten preparatory papers

  1. Basis of International Accounting
  2. Intangible Assets and Impairment Tests
  3. Property, Plant and Equipment, Investment Properties and Leases
  4. Non-Current Assets Held for Sale and Discontinued Operations, Inventories as well as Construction Accounting
  5. Financial Instruments and Foreign Currencies
  6. Provisions and Liabilities
  7. Equity, Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income, Revenue Recognition
  8. Income Taxes and Statement of Cash Flows
  9. Note Disclosures and Interim Financial Reports
  10. Group Financial Reporting

The second unit following the self-study phase is a five-day workshop week. During this week, experienced instructors briefly repeat the contents of the preparatory papers, illustrate them with further examples from financial reporting practice, and reinforce them with case studies and exercises. This also ensures optimal preparation for the three-hour final exam at the end of the week.

Certificate examination for the Certified Accounting Specialist (CAS)

Upon passing the final exam, you will be awarded the „Certified Accounting Specialist (CAS)“ certificate. This provides you with a recognized qualification and allows you to document sound practical knowledge and competence in IFRS and HGB to your employer or your clients. In addition, you will receive proof of further training in the field of finance with your degree. In our experience, this proof is often required in practice as a requirement for future management tasks with overall responsibility in corporate finance, which necessarily includes financial accounting. This is why our Certified Accounting Specialist (CAS) alumni network includes various managing directors and CFOs. Those who do not wish to take the exam or do not pass it will receive a detailed and meaningful certificate of attendance covering the contents of the preparatory papers and the workshop week.

Scientific accreditation

The „Certified Accounting Specialist (CAS)“ certificate course is part of the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Accounting & Tax program, which in turn is part of the Executive MBA in Controlling & Consulting at Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH). Through this cooperation, all participants of the Certified Accounting Specialist (CAS) certificate course will have a direct opportunity to apply the knowledge they have acquired to an academic program and have it credited to them there. More information at CAS Accounting & Finance.

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Date by arrangementIndividual Coaching/Online-SessionRegistration
14.10.24 − 18.10.24Hotel Burg Staufeneck, Salach near StuttgartRegistration

Price and Duration

Price: EUR 3.990 (plus VAT)      Duration: Self-study of 10 preparatory papers with an average workload of approx. 6 – 8 hours per preparatory paper as well as a subsequent workshop week with a final exam over 5 days.

The price includes detailed lecture materials, refreshments, and beverages during breaks as well as lunch. In addition, we invite you to join us for dinner each evening.